Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shopping today

I have officially had about 5 people tell me that they want to go shopping with me, my mother included. LOL Looking for good deals while shopping is fun. Today I went clothes shopping. What can I say, I'm a girl, plus I'm donating some clothes I don't wear anymore, so I need to replenish...

I went to Towson Town Mall, which is four floors of love for someone who likes to shop. It's one of those malls with a lot of "up-scale" shopping, but that doesn't mean you have to spend "up-scale" money.

Wet Seal: (I don't often shop here, but at clearance but 1, get 1 for 0.01, I can work with it)

This Crochet Peasant Top was on clearance for $12.99, I got it in the bright white. Orginally $24.99

I also got this Boyfriend Cardigan (no longer available online) for 0.01
due to their sale. Orignally priced $20, clearanced at $10.99

Aeropostale: Again, a store I don't really shop in anymore, but I had a $10 off coupon, so I figured I could find something. (Double click images to maximize)

The first necklace I got in pink and in blue, and the third item is actually a bracelet. All of these were on clearance at 70% off and were all $3 each = $12 total. Minus the $10 off coupon I had, I got all four of these for $2. These regularly sell for $12-$16 each and are no longer available online.

H&M: I do get some nice work appropriate pieces there.

I got a really cute top on clearance here. It was a floral peasant style top. I can't find a pic online, but maybe I'll look for one tomorrow. It was $5 on clearance, originally $24.95.

Bath and Body Works: A must stop.

I got the Deep Aqua preview size lotion, the adorable nail file and another sweet pea hand sanitizer all for $1 each. I also got the Cherry Blossom hand lotion travel size (originally $5) for free with the "Free Travel Item With Any Purchase" coupon. So I got all 4 items for $3.

I wandered the mall for awhile longer, then left to go to Kohls, where I got a couple other cute tops on clearance at $4 each.

Ahhh, I just love retail therapy. It's so relaxing.


Cassie said...

haha please add me to your list of people that want to go shopping with you! love all your great steals! :)

Jen said...

Wow!! You got some great deals!!

Thanks for helping me celebrate my SITS day!!