Survey Sites!

This is where you can find all the survey sites that I am a member of and recommend trying out if you are looking for a, relatively, painless way of making a little extra money.  Plus, with a lot of these sites you can try out new products before they ever hit stores.  

Synovate Global
This site is popular for their product trials. The cashout minimum is $5 and they mail your check to you, so providing an address is required.  They do not have an option for PayPal payments.  I get emails for surveys probably once or twice a week.

This site provides points as opposed to actual cash.  If you complete a survey you usually receive between 50-150 points and if you don't qualify you will still receive 5 points for trying.  Those little 5 points can add quickly, trust me.  You have to have at least 1,000 points to redeem for rewards.  They have all sorts of things from home goods to jewelry and electronics.  Just think completing surveys can allow you to get an MP3 player! I, easily, get one survey a day from them, sometimes more.

Inbox Dollars
Not my favorite site in the world, I must admit, but that's only because the cash out minimum is $30.  A friend of mine has been with Inbox Dollars for years and loves it.  Basically you get paid to read email, take surveys, and respond to offers.  Again, simple, just not a fan of the $30 cash out.  Take it for a spin and see if you like it! You do get a $5 bonus just for signing up.

Opinion Outpost
This is one of my FAVORITES! They only have a $5 cash out minimum and you can either ask them to send you a check or you can redeem it for an Amazon gift code.  They are also popular when it comes to product trials/tests.  They use a point system that converts to actual cash (ex. 10 points equals $1; 35 points equals $3.50). I get probably about 5-6 emails from them a week and qualify for most of the surveys.

Valued Opinions
Another favorite survey site of mine.  They offer, usually, up to $5 for each survey and you can make up to $50 for each specialist survey.  The specialist surveys usually require you to do a little extra work, like participate in an online forum, but the compensation is worth your time.  I get about 5 emails from them a week and qualify for at least 50% of them.  Once you have $20 in your account you can redeem your rewards for a variety of gift cards, including a visa gift card.  MY ONLY PEEVE: They do take a little while to credit your account with your rewards sometimes.  I've had rewards take up to 30 days to credit, so be prepared for that when it comes to cashing out.  

Survey Spot
This site is good because you don't necessarily have to wait for them to email you to take surveys.  Once you have registered you can click the "Take Surveys" button at the top and take whatever surveys they have available to you.  They are similar to Opinion Outpost in their rewards that 100 points is equal to $1 and you can cash out at $10.  They do have an option to cash out into your PayPal account which will send the funds directly into your PayPal account without having to wait for processing time.  They do send multiple emails a day and also do a lot of product testing.  

This is similar to Survey Spot that you don't have to wait for emails to take a survey.  You can click on available surveys and take them at any time.  Their system is 3,000 points equals $1, and once you have accumulated 60,000 or $20 you can cash out by requesting a check in the mail (they did have a PayPal option but it seems to be down at this time).  Most surveys are in the 3,000-9,000 point range so it won't take as long as you would think to accumulate the points.