Tuesday, October 16, 2012

0.50/1 Chicken of the Sea No Drain coupon

Hurry over to Facebook and "Like" Chicken of the Sea to print a coupon for 0.50/1 can of their new No Drain Canned Tuna.  They are doing this in hopes of gaining 150k fans on their page. 

Not sure how many prints are available, so print this quick.  Also, if your store doubles, this should make for a pretty awesome deal. 

$2/1 Ball Park Burgers

"Like" Ball Park Brand on Facebook to print a coupon for $2/1 package of Ball Park Flame Grilled Burger Patties.  

I've heard that these are good, but I've never had them myself to tell you.

Not sure how long this coupon will last so you should print it ASAP!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Clear Ultra Shea Shampoo Sample

"Like" Clear Ultra Shea on Facebook and you'll be able to request a sample of Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy with Ultra Shea Cleanse and Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner.  I haven't heard anything bad about this line yet, so this would be a great way to try it!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vera Bradley Sale

For all the Vera obsessed people.  Three popular patterns are getting ready to be retired, so all the Vera stores and online are trying to reduce their stocks. 

The Happy Snails, Tea Garden and Boysenberry lines are getting ready to head to the senior center and right now they are all 40% off in stores and online.  You can shop the online collection here. 

If you spend $75 or more online, you can get free shipping, no code needed. 

If you love these lines, shop early.  Styles/sizes may be limited and once they're gone you aren't going to find them again!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Free Fry and Drink Offer from Arbys

Arby's has a new sandwich o unveil and they're giving you an awesome deal to try it out. 

They have a brand new Grand Turkey Club sandwich that is made with fresh sliced turkey and served hot (WITH BACON!).  If you're interested in trying this, right now you can get a free small fry and small drink with the purchase of the sandwich by printing the coupon that is found here.  

Coupon valid through 10/8.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Free Coffee at 7-11

So apparently, not only is 9/28 (tomorrow) my brother's birthday, but it's also National Free Coffee Day.  This should be amazing for all the caffeine-aholics out there. 

So in celebration, 7-11 will be offering a free 20oz cup of coffee to customers between 6am-10am tomorrow morning.  Can't beat free coffee on a Friday morning!

Click here to find participating locations. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

15-20% off at Old Navy

Through 9/28, you can either get 15% off any purchase at Old Navy stores and Oldnavy.com, or you can get 20% off your purchase of $75 or more in stores or online.  Just show this coupon or use promocode ONSAVEBIG at checkout to see your savings!

Monday, September 24, 2012

John Frieda Sample

"Like" John Frieda US on Facebook to request a sample of Root Awakening Hydrate + Nourish Shampoo and Root Awakening Purify + Nourish Shampoo. Plus, you'll also receive a $1 off coupon for any Root Awakening Product.

One sample per person and household.  Allow up to 10 weeks for delivery. 

BOGO Old Orchard Juice

Head on over to Facebook and "Like" Old Orchard Brands page to get access to a coupon for Buy One Get Free Healthy Balanced reduced-sugar drinks.  

Not sure how these are priced, but BOGO is always a great deal!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

25% off at Hollister

If you know someone who is obsessed with Hollister clothing, you will appreciate this new coupon for 25% off your purchase.  Hollister coupons don't usually go much higher than this, so print/use it while you can. 

You can also use it online by entering promo code 35312 at checkout.

Expires 9/23/12

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Always Infinity Sample for Vocalpoint Members

If you're a Vocalpoint member you can request a free sample of Always Infinity Regular Pads.  You'll get a sample pad as well as 4 coupons to use on future purchases. 

Must be a Vocalpoint member to request sample.  Allow up to 8 weeks for delivery.  Not a Vocalpoint member?  You can register for free here

$1 of Hellmann's Mayo

If you're in need of some new weeknight meal ideas now that school is back in session, head on over to Walmart.com and check out one of their new Meal Inspiration videos (hosted by one of this past season's Next Food Network Star finalists!)

While you're there print out a coupon for $1 off any 30oz or larger jar of Hellmann's Mayonnaise.  This should come in handy when paired with a sale. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

$1.25 off Pillsbury Aritsan Pizza Crust

If you're looking to change up pizza night in your house, try Pillsbury's new Artisan Pizza Crust made with whole grain.  It's always nice to add a little pizzazz to your pizza, right?

Even better is this coupon for $1.25 off 1 package of the new Artisan Pizza Crust, courtesy of MyBlogSpark.  Not sure what these are selling for yet, but I'd print this while it's available! 

Additional 20% off at Macy's

Head on over here to print a Macy's VIP Savings Pass to save an additional 20% off sale and clearance items in Men's, Women's and Kids clothing departments.  
(will open as a .pdf file)

These coupons usually do exclude Everyday Value Items and full-priced/regularly priced items.

Expires 9/16.

20% off 1 Item at Old Navy

If you're looking to do a little fall clothing shopping this weekend, you might want to print out this coupon for 20% off any 1 Item in Old Navy Women's, Womens' Plus or Men's collections (not valid on maternity or kids items).  
(will open as a .pdf file)

You can redeem this online by using promo code ONBIG20 at checkout.

Expires 9/16. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

$1 off St. Ives Apricot Scrub

Head on over to Facebook and "Like" St. Ives page to score a coupon for $1 off St. Ives Apricot Facial Scrub (excludes trial/travel size).  I know of so many people that swear by this scrub because it's so cleansing. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Arby's Turkey Roasters

So for someone (meaning, me) who generally hates Turkey, I seem to be eating it often lately.  I've lost 12 pounds since my accident so I'm sort of on a health kick lately and turkey has been involved in that.

That being said Arby's now has Turkey Roaster sandwiches.  These look really yummy, especially the Grand Turkey Club.  Ti help promote the new sandwich, Arby's is offering a free small fry and free small drink if you purchase one of these new sandwiches. All you have to do is enter your name here and print out the coupon.  This would be a great and inexpensive lunch option!

This is only valid through 9/18, so print quick! 


So, physically, I can say that I'm about 95% recovered from my accident 5 weeks ago.  Mentally/emotionally...maybe 60%; that's the part that's going to take the longest I know (it's also the hardest).  I do miss blogging though, so I am trying to get back into it now since most things surrounding the accident have finally been resolved.  Hopefully that will help alleviate the emotional aspect of this as well. 

In brighter news, though, I am in a new job as of the start of this school year.  I am a school counselor for a private school for kids with ADHD and Asperger's.  So I have been settling into my new job the past few weeks as well, which has been a bright spot amongst all of the accident horror of the past month.  I'm really really excited about that. 

So now that life has settled down some, I'm going to return to my blogging love and hopefully no more little "fun" events occur and life continues to remain calm for awhile. 

1.50 off Kashi Layered Bars

If you're a fan of Kashi products like I am, you'll love this coupon for $1.50 off a package of their new layered bars.   I have yet to try something from Kashi I didn't like, but they can be pricy so these coupons are amazing!

This is a Vocalpoint offer, so you do have to be a member to access it.  But, registration is free and only takes a couple minutes and you will have access to more coupons as well as free sample offers!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

About Me

Just thought I would give everyone a little update on what has been going on with me since I've been absent here. 

On August 5th I was in a very serious car accident (serious as in I totaled one car and almost totaled another - my own).  There was a malfunction in the steering of my car that caused me to be unable to steer my car properly and I wound up plowing into the side of a parked car.  Luckily for me, the car was parked because if anyone had been in that car, they would be dead.  How I made it out alive is also unbelievable by many people (including myself).  My car was literally sitting inside of another one.  This event has been very painful for me; physically and emotionally.  While I was lucky to make it out without any life threatening injuries, I did bang myself up pretty badly.  Emotionally, this has also been horrifically traumatic as I'm sure many of you could understand.  This is definitely not an experience I would wish on anyone.  I don't doubt that I'll be dealing with the emotional issues from this for quite some time (the fact that this happened 2 days before my 26th birthday didn't help either).  I admit, yes, I am very grateful to be alive but any of you that might have experienced something like this understand that just because I'm grateful doesn't make what I have to deal with any easier.  So I've been recovering and recuperating for the past few weeks.  Physically I'm doing, mostly, fine now (although I did bang my knee up pretty badly to the point of needing physical therapy for it).  So no, I didn't forget this place, it's just been a very rough August for me. 

Thanks for understanding. :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Birthday offers!

Okay, so part of this is just me pointing out that my 26th birthday is one week from today.  Woohoo!!


My bigger point here is that I know I've mentioned signing up for email lists at your favorite stores, restaurants, etc; getting on their snail mail lists, text offers, etc.  Some people find it to be a huge pain because suddenly their email is being "spammed" with all these advertisements and things that you  might not always be interested in.  I get that, I really do. 

This is why I also recommend having a separate email address for deals/email lists.  You can get a free email account from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmal, etc., and just filter all those emails through there.  This way you can do a mass delete of your inbox (if you don't feel like looking at any of it) without deleting some important personal/business email.  It doesn't hurt for those in-store email sign-ups that I seem to be encountering lately.  You know, those ones where you're checking out and they ask for your email at the end of the transaction; they're basically signing you up for their email list so that you can get information about their sales and coupons. 

Not to mention......:ahem:.....when you give your email or mailing address to a lot of these stores you can get awesome deals when it's time for your birthday.   And these are usually pretty high value deals that you can get just for turning another year older.  Honestly, my birthday is still a week away and I've gotten more emails and snail mail with birthday offers than I have ever gotten before (definitely not complaining!) and they are all pretty awesome deals. 

For example these are the deals that I've gotten so far:

Snail Mail/Regular mail:
* $20 off a purchase of $20 or more at Vera Bradley (FREE ITEM! and I don't really shop at Vera Bradley but I have a ton of friends that do, so I could even pick up a gift for someone else!)
* $5 off any purchase at DSW - Must be a DSW Rewards member (which I am, they also send other $$$ off coupons throughout the year to your mailing address)
* $15 off a purchase of $15 or more at JCPenney - you do have to have their credit card for this one.
* 20% off your entire purchase at American Eagle - again cardholders only.
* 15% off your total store purchase during your birth month (August, obviously) at Anthropologie. - have to be on their email list.
* $10 off a/any purchase from Victoria's Secret. - you can get this by entering your email on their keypad when you complete your transaction at VS stores.

Email Offers:
* Free Cinnamon Sticks or Bread Sticks with any online purchase from Pizza Hut (might make a nice quick dinner one night this month) - you can sign up for their email just by ordering from them online, if it's available in your area.
* Free FRESH Mini Lip Balm (no purchase required) from Sephora - this comes from signing up for their Beauty Insider card, you can also earn a ton of other rewards with this card including free items/samples if you're someone who shops for higher end personal/beauty items
* Free 12oz Shake with any purchase at Arby's (and any purchase does include value menu items) - signing up for their email list
* 15% off any online order from BananaRepublic.com.  - also an email list sign-up.
* BOGO Free Pretzels from Auntie Anne's - This is from being a Pretzel Perks member, they also send various coupons throughout the year. 
* BOGO Free Creation Sundae's from Coldstone - these are usually restricted to a certain store (like I can only use this at the Coldstone near my house) but still very  nice!
* Free Handcrafted Burger of your Choice from Ruby Tuesday. - being on their "So Connected" email list will get you this as well as other coupons throughout the year, such as free apps or desserts.

Not to mention, expiration dates on all of these vary.  Some of them have to be used by my actual birthday on the 8th, a couple are good until the 15th, some are good for the whole birthday  month, so make sure you check the fine print.  Just because they're all for your birthday doesn't mean they all have to be used the day of or they become invalid.  Seriously, there's no way I'd be able to eat that much food in a day...no way...but I can redeem most of those throughout the month to get some great food deals throughout the month of August.

So get a free, separate email address and sign up for some of your favorite retailers emails.  These listed above are just for birthdays, this doesn't include emails that I get from most of them regularly with sales and other coupons that could save you a ton of money.  

$2/1 BIC Mark-it Markers

Here is another great BIC coupon for $2/1 package of BIC Mark-It Permanent Markers (8-ct or higher).  

I've seen the 8-counts go on sale for around $3, so this is an amazing coupon to print out and hold on to for a sale. 

You do have to watch a short ad and "Like" the BIC Mark-It Facebook Page to access the coupon. 

$1/2 BIC pens

There are two new coupons for BIC pens available today.  Both of them are for $1/2 BIC pens.  The links are here and here

These are great to save for a sale if you need them for your kids school supply list, or if you're just looking to donate school supplies to those in need of them.  You could possibly get some free pens with these coupons!

Tom's of Maine Sample

Now this is not a sample you'll probably see again.  Head on over to Facebook and "Like" Tom's of Maine, then click on their Good First Tab to request a sample of their new Naturally Dry antiperspirant/deodorant. 

One sample per household.  Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

0.50/1 KIND Buts and Spices Bar

Hurry over to Facebook to request a coupon for 0.50/1 KIND Nut and Spice Bar.  

You have to like their page on Facebook, click the "Say No to Secret Ingredients" tab and take the pledge/enter your email address and they will email you a coupon.

It should take about 24 hours to receive it.  They are limited to the first 100,000 so hurry over before they reach their limit. 

$2 off Post-It Pockets

Head on over here to print a coupon for $2 off Post-It Pockets items.  

I haven't actually tried these or seen them in stores yet to say much about them, but hold this for a sale and you might be able to get a pretty good deal. 

Staples Back-To-School Deals

Here are the best deals for Back-to School shopping at Staples this week.

Remember if you plan on doing the bulk of your shopping at Staples, ask customer service about their Back to School Savings Pass for $10.  It'll save you 15% off all your purchases between now and 9/15/12. 

0.01 Extreme Deals (limit 2, with $5 minimum purchase):
* 1" Avery durable binder, blue and black
* 2-pocket paper folder, assorted colors
* Home Select pocket tissues
* Staples standard paper clips, 100/pack

0.25 Deals:
* BIC mechanical pencils, 0.7mm, 5/pack (limit 4)
* Prang chalk, assorted colors, 12/pack (limit 4)

0.50 Deals: 
* RoseArt crayons, 24/pack
* Staples poly-cover composition book or 1-subject 8" x 10.5" notebook, 70 sheets, assorted colors (limit 6)

$1 Deals:
* 6" x 9" top-wire writing pads, colors or prints
* RoseArt colored pencils, 15/pack
* Staedtler compass or protractor
* Staples 3" x 4.25" memo book with magnetic closure, 60 sheets
* Staples 8.5" x 11" multipurpose paper, 500 sheets (after easy rebate) (limit 2 rebates per household)
* Staples #10 envelopes, tamper evident, white, 20/pack
* Staples assorted patterns composition book
* Staples dry-erase board eraser
* Staples mini poly snap envelope, 4"x 6", assorted colors and designs
* Softsoap aloe hand soap, 7.5oz

$2 Deals:
* Crayola washable markers or crayons (limit 4)
* Lysol sanitizing wipes, spring scent, 35/pack
* Pilot FriXion Ball gel pens, fine, 3/pack (limit 4)
* Staples jumbo glue sticks, 2/pack
* Staples pushpins in jar, 125/pack

$3 Deals:
* Crayola Crayons, 64/pack
* Quartet 8.5" x 11" magnetic dry-erase board with marker and eraser
* Pentel 24/7 liquid highlighters, assorted colors, 5/pack
* Scotch dual-lock fasteners
* Ticonderoga black #2 pencils, 24/pack

$5 Deals:
* All PaperMate InkJoy retractable pens, assorted varities
* BIC Velocity retractable ballpoint pens, bold, assorted colors, 8/pack
* Expo Neon dry-erase markers, bullet tip, assorted colors, 5/pack
* Pentel EnerGel Deluxe retractable gel pens, medium, 6/pack
* Staples standard-weight top-loading clear sheet protectors, 50/pack
* Swingline compact stand-up stapler, assorted colors
* Zebra Z-Grip mechanical pencils, 0.7mm, 24/pack

*PNY Attache USB Flash Drive: 8GB - $5.99 or 16GB- $9.99

*Clorox wipes, lemon/fresh, 3/pack - $5.79

*Bounty Basic paper towels, 8/pack - $5.99

*25-50% off all backpacks

*25% off all lunch bags

* 4-6 drawer rolling storage carts - $15.99

* Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus graphing calculator - $89.99 (after easy rebate)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

$1/2 Eggo Waffles

Click here to get a coupon for $1/2 Eggo waffles, any variety.  

With all the back-to-school deals you'll start seeing, pair this with a sale and you should be able to get a pretty inexpensive breakfast option. 

High Value Smart Ones Coupon

Normally when I see coupons for Weight Watchers Smart Ones frozen dinners, it's usually $1/5 or $2/10 BUT......

Head on over to their website and you can print a coupon for $4/10 dinners.  These go on sale often for about $2 in most grocery stores (Target has some of them regularly priced at $1.89) so it would be like getting 2 of the meals completely free if you pair it with a sale.

Print it fast, I'm not sure how many prints they have. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

No Sales Tax Holidays!

With August right around the corner, it's time for most states to take part in Sales Tax Holidays.  Normally, a lot of states take part in this, although it doesn't seem like there are as many states this year as there have been in previous years.

During this specific time period, you can purchase school supplies (and often clothes) up to a certain amount and you won't pay any sales tax for those items.  These rules all vary from state to state, but the basic guidelines remain. 

For instance, MD's sales tax holiday is August 12-18 and any clothing or footwear purchase under $100 won't be taxed.  That is based on the actual item price, so if you buy a pair of shoes at $99.99, they will not be taxed.

This also goes for all purchases within a category, there is nothing you have to do to prove that you are purchasing these items for someone who is going to school; the tax will just automatically be taken off as long as it meets the requirements your state allows.

Here is the full list of states that are participating in the No Sales Tax Holiday this year, along with what purchases are covered under the holiday. 

$10 off $30 at Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works just released a great new coupon for $10 off your purchase of $30 or more.  

Only valid through 7/29.

Some stores still have a couple tables of clearance items left over from their sale, so if you're able to find some you should be able to get a pretty awesome deal with this. 

30% off Banana Replublic, Gap and Old Navy

If you're up for a little late night online shopping, you can get an additional 30% off your entire order at Gap, Old Navy or Banana Republic through tomorrow (7/26).  Online Only.  Just enter promo code JULY2012 at checkout. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Office Depot Back-to-School Deals

Here are some of the deals at Office Depot this week for Back-to-School supplies! Not necessarily the best I've seen this week, but it all depends on what you need this year. 

0.10 Deals (limit 3, unless otherwise stated):
* Office Depot Brand Acrylic Ruler, assorted colors, 12"
* Office Depot Brand 6" Protractor, assorted colors

0.50 Deals (limit 3, unless otherwise stated):
* BIC White-Out Correction Tape
* Scholastic Glue Sticks, 4-pack
* Wilson Jones 1" Poly Binder, assorted colors

$1 Deals:
* Elmer's Washable School Glue
* Office Depot Brand 12" wood metal-edge ruler
* Office Depot Brand hole-punch with padded handles
* Really Useful Boxes plastic storage boxes, 0.07-0.14 liters

$3 Deals:
* 3M Duct Tape
* Fashion Clipboard, 9" x 12.5", assorted colors
* Fiskars 7" Student Scissors
* Scotch Magic Tape in Dispensers, 2/pack
* Scotch Reusable Adhesive Shapes, 18/pack

$5 Deals:
* Metal/Mesh storage bins
* Post-It Pop-up note dispenser, Heart shape
* Scotch Stiletto Tape Dispenser with Magic Tape
* Swingline 545 Desk Stapler Combination Pack with staples and remover
* Swingline SmartCut Personal Trimmer

SanDisk 8GB Cruzer USB 2.0 Flash Drive $6.99 (Save $14)

Toshiba Satellite Laptop Computer with AMD E1 Accelerated Processor $329.99 (Save $70)

HP Pavillion Laptop Computer with 2nd Gen Intel Core i3 Processor with Hyper Threading Technology $399.99 (Save $190)

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Graphing Calculator $129.99 + $10 mail-in rebate

25% off Backpacks

40% off Select Writing and Coloring Instruments (including Crayola, Sharpie, BIC, and Expo) 

Staples Back-to-School Deals

Here are the best Back-to-School Deals available from Staples this week. 

Remember to ask Customer Service about their Back-to-School Savings pass that will get you 15% off each purchase now through 9/15/12.  It does cost $10 to purchase it, so this is best if you're planning on doing most of your shopping at Staples. 

Free Deals (after Easy Rebates), limit 1 unless otherwise specified.
* Pentel R.S.V.P ballpoint pens, fine, black, 5/pack
* Zebra #2 0.7 mm mechanical pencils, 10/pack

0.01 Deals (with minimum $5 purchase), limit 2:
* Staples pink cap erasers, 12/pack
* Staples ruled 3" x 5" white index cards, 100/pack

0.25 Deals:
* Staples Stickies 1/2" tape flags, bright colors, 125/pack

0.50 Deals:
* Sharpie Accent tank highlights, 5/pack

$1 Deals:
* At-A-Glance dry-erase calendar and note decal
* Avery glue sticks, .26 oz, 3/pack
* HP everyday 8.5" x 11" photo paper, 50/pack (after easy rebate)
* Post-It die-cut notes 2/pack
* RoseArt markers or paints
* Staples 8.5" x 11" multipurpose paper, 500 sheets (after easy rebate)
* Staples clipboard, brown, 5.5" x 9"
* Staples poly-zip envelope, check size

$2 Deals:
* Clorox disinfectant wipes, 35/pack
* Pentel Finito! porous point, extra-fine pens, 3/pack
* Staples Accel 1-subject notebook, wide or college ruled, 100 sheets, assorted colors and patterns
* Staples graph-ruled notebook
* Staples memo pad
* Westcott 7" soft-handle scissors

$3 Deals:
* Expo dry-erase learning board with markerk, plain and ruled sides, 8.9" x 11.8"
* Expo dry-erase markers, fine tip, 4/pack
* MasterLock padlock
* Sharpie Twin Tip permanent markers, ultra-fine/fine tips, 4/pack
* Staples construction paper, 9" x 12", assorted colors, 200 sheets

$4 Deals:
* BIC Mechanical pencils, 24/pack
* Ticonderoga #2 presharpened pencils, 18/pack

$5 Deals:
* Omnitech battery-operated pencil sharpener, assorted
* Staples letter/legal-size SureFIT blue storage boxes, 5/pack
* Zebra Z-Grip retractable ballpoint pens, medium, 24/pack

PNY Attache 16GB USB Flash Drive: $9.99 (Save $30)

Toshiba laptop with Intel Pentium 8970 Processor $399.99 (Save $100)

 25-50% off all backpacks

Friday, July 20, 2012

20% off at Pier One Imports

If you're in the market for some new home decor, head on over here to print a coupon for 20% off your regularly priced purchase at Pier One Imports.  I'm guessing since it says that, sale and clearance items are more than likely excluded.  You can always check with a sales associate, though.

Expires 7/22/12. 

Free Signature Item with purchase at Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works released a new coupon for a free Signature Collection Item of Your Choice with Any $10 purchase (free item up to $12 value).  

You can print the coupon out or just show it on your phone to the store associate.  You can also redeem it online by entering promo code LOVEFBFANS at checkout. 

Expires 7/22/12.

VERY Cheap Arby's Lunch

Arby's is turning 48!  In honor of their anniversary, they are offering up their classic roast beef sandwich for only 0.64 cents!  My guess is this is how much the sandwiches were when they first opened 48 years ago.

This is valid on July 23rd (Monday) ONLY.  So enter your name and print out your coupon now, so you don't forget, but hold on to it until Monday.  Add a $1 fry and drink and you could get lunch for under $3 on Monday!

Garnier Sleek and Shine Sample

Head on over here to get a free sample of Garnier Sleek and Shine.  I love all the hair care samples that seem to be popping up lately. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Free Sample of Woolite Extra Dark

"Like" Woolite on Facebook and you'll be able to snag a free sample of their Extra Dark detergent.  I got some of this recently, and I love it on my really dark jeans.  It keeps them nice and soft without fading. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Where do *I* shop??

The simple answer?  Everywhere!  Seriously.  Even in places that would probably make you all go "Really??? You shop there???"

I post a lot of deals on here that make some of you go "I can't afford to shop there!" or "I would NEVER shop there!" 

Don't limit yourself just because of your financial situation. Don't think that just because you are in a certain financial bracket that you can only shop in certain stores (or that because you're a certain age you can only shop in certain stores - I know I'm only 25, but I don't just shop at H&M/other trendy stores).  The truth is, there are all sorts of deals and finds in every single store, even high-end department stores.  Literally, I shop everywhere; from Goodwill (you can get brand new items there, you just have to sort through the stuff), to Target, to TJ Maxx/Marshalls, to JCPenney.  I even shop at Nordstroms and Lord and Taylor (why yes, yes I do shop at Lord and Taylor). 

Take a look in my closet and you'll see all sorts of labels.  Some more expensive (but I didn't pay an expensive price for it) and some aren't.  Check out a couple of deals that I found recently; I guarantee they will surprise you!

These Lucky Brand Jeans, I found Saturday while browsing around Lord and Taylor.  This past weekend, they were having one of their huge semi-annual clearance sales, where you get an additional 40% off the already marked down price.  Now at $100, their retail price, no way would I have ever gotten them (no matter how good they make my non-existent butt look).  The markdown price was $49.48, which is already half the original price.  I used their price scanner to see that the additional 40% off knocked the price down to $19.79.

Less than $20 for Lucky Jeans??  That in itself was awesome.  But to make it even more awesome, I had a coupon for an additional 20% off any purchase at Lord and Taylor, which made these jeans less than $16 (before taxes).  That's an 85% savings!  Amazing!!!!!

Next was a stop at Marshalls.  Marshalls and TJ Maxx are popular stores for people that want to get higher end labels for not a lot of money.  This coat you see is a great example of that.  This is a Michael Kors trench coat (in a beautiful turquoise), that I got for under $5 out of pocket.  The Marshall's ticket has the original price at $95, but the actual Michael Kors ticket said $128, minor detail, whatever.  You see this was on clearance for $29 as it was more than likely out from this past spring, maybe even from last fall.  I'm not one to know what's this years fashion or last, especially when it comes to coats. 

This being $29 was already amazing, but I also had a $25 Marshalls/TJ Maxx gift card burning a hole in my pocket, so I used that and wound up paying $4+tax, out of pocket for a Michael Kors coat that retails for at least $100! 

We all know how much I love Target?  I even buy clothes there.  Yup, I really do shop everywhere.  I wear sweaters almost daily to work because it's like Antarctica in my office, so I can never have enough of them.  Last weekend Target released a few new printable coupons for their apparel department.  I usually try to use these coupons when they pop up and I always check the clearance racks first because you can usually get the best deals that way.  So when this $3/1 Women's Merona clothing coupon popped up, I went to the clearance racks to see what I could find and this sweater was there. 

Originally this sweater was about $20, but with the clearance and coupon I got it for $2.98.  A simple basic sweater that I could wear with anything for under $3.  Can't beat it!

All 3 items I've shown you hear retail for a little under $250.  I would never in my life dream of spending $250 for three clothing items.  But I have no issues in the fact that I only spent about $24 for all of them.  That's about 90% savings from their retail values. 

There is no reason why you shouldn't go browsing in ANY store, even if you think it's out of your price range, or maybe someone your age shouldn't shop there (I don't know of too many people my age that shop at Lord and Taylor), or whatever.  Take a look around.  It doesn't have to become your favorite store or someplace you shop at regularly.  But you might be able to find a deal or two even in places that you might not expect to! 

Staples Back to School Deals

Here are some of the best deals to be had at Staples this week for your Back to School shopping. 

Also remember to ask about their Back to School Savings Pass.  For $10, you'll save 15% off every purchase through 9/15/12.  This is great if you're going to be doing most of your shopping at Staples this year!

FREE (after easy rebate)
* BIC Matic Grip 0.7mm mechanical pencils, 5/pack

0.01 deals, limit 2 (with $5 minimum purchase)
* Avery durable 1" binder
* Avery insertable 5-tab dividers
* Staples 8.5 x 11" Writing Pad, 50 sheets/pad

0.25 Deals:
* BIC Velocity retractable ballpoint pens, bold, black, 2/pack

0.50 Deals:
* Lucky SuperSoft antibacterial Wet Wipes 30/pack
* Staples single-hole manual pencil sharpener
* Staples translucent pencil box, assorted colors
* Westcott 12" finger-grip ruler, assorted colors

$1 Deals:
* Expo, dry-erase board cleaner, 8oz
* Staedtler compass or protractor
* Staples multipurpose paper, 8.5" x 11", 500 sheets (after easy rebate)
* Staples photo supreme 8.5" x 11" paper, double-sided matte, 50/pack (after easy rebate)
* Staples Remarx dry-erase markers, chisel tip, 6/pack
* Staples translucent plastic clipboard, memo size, box, assorted
* Zebra Z-Grip retractable ballpoint pens, medium, 5/pack

$2 Deals:
* 13-pocket poly expanding coupon file, assorted colors
* BIC Brite Liner Grip highlights, 5/pack
* Purell instant hand sanitizer
* Scotch transparent tape, 3/4" x 300", 3/pack
* Staples 3" x 5" memo books, 75 sheets
* Staples 3.5" x 4.5" trifold notepad with pen, assorted colors

$3 Deals:
* BIC White Out 2/pack
* Crayola products, assorted varities
* Quartet 8.5" x 11" magnetic dry-erase board with marker and eraser
* Staples mesh zip envelopes
* Studio C by Carolna Pad 1-subject notebook or composition book, assorted patterns

$5 Deals:
* Locker Planet locker accessories
* Scotch moving and storage tape, 1.88" x 54.6 yards, 3/pack
* Sharpie permanent markers, assorted, 12/pack
* Westcott, 8" scissors, 3/pack
* Zebra Cadoozle 0.7mm mechanical pencils, 28/pack

SanDisk Cruzer Glide 8GB Flash Drive: $5.99 (save $19)

25-50% off all backpacks

Texas Instruments TI-30x Scientific Calculator $9.99
Texas Instruments TI-30SXIIS Scientific Calculator $14.99
Texas Instruments TI-84 PLUS Graphing Calculator $99.99
Texas Instruments TI-84SE Graphing Calculator $109.99

Buy 1 Get 1 Free BIC Atlantis Pens and Pencils

0.50/1 Kraft BBQ sauce

"Like" Kraft Barbecue Sauce on Facebook and print out a rare coupon for 0.50/1 bottle of Kraft Original BBQ sauce.  This is amazing, especially if your store will double it.  Pair it with a sale and you might be able to get free, or close to it, BBQ Sauce!

Prints are limited. 

$2/1 or $2/1 Shick Quattro for Women Razor

"Like" Schick Quattro for Women on Facebook and then click on their "Dare to Mash" game.  Play the game and answer a few questions and you'll be able to print a coupon for $2 off any Schick Quattro for Women razor (or refill).  If you share this with a friend, via Facebook, you'll be able to print a coupon for $3 off, instead of $2. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Free Signature Collection Item w/Purchase at Bath and Body Works

These are my favorite Bath and Body Works Coupons!

Head on over to print a coupon for a free Signature Collection Item when you make any purchase of $10 or more (up to $12 value for free item). 

If your store still has any left over clearance items, you might be able to get a pretty awesome deal with this one. 

Expires 7/22/12. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Save $10 at Yankee Candle

There is a new coupon available for $10 off your purchase of $25 or more at Yankee Candle.  

You can usually use these at other stores that sell Yankee Candle products, such as Bed, Bath and Beyond and Ulta.  Just make sure you check with customer service before you use it because some stores will not accept it. 

Expires 8/10/12. 

Clear Scalp & Hair Sample

Yay, I've been curious about trying this!

"Like" Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy on Facebook to get a free sample of their Total Care Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner.  This is supposed to be really great especially if your hair is damaged.

Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.