Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Target Toy Coupons

On Sunday I mentioned the $200 in new coupons, and I also mentioned that Target would probably start releasing coupons for Toys for Christmas shopping soon.

Guess what? They started! There are over 40 new toy coupons listed up on the target site with another over $200 in savings. While I don't have kids, I do sometimes try to pick up a couple inexpensive toys/games and donate them to kids who need them to make their Christmas a little nicer.

Also, many of these coupons also have online codes at the bottom so that you can redeem them online if you plan on doing your Christmas shopping online this year.

Some of the new coupons include:
  1. 50% off Fisher Price Trio Batcave
  2. 50% off Fin Fin Play Set
  3. $10 off two Wii MotionPlus Remotes
  4. $10 off two Playstation 3 DualShock Remotes
  5. $10 off two XBox360 Wireless controllers
  6. $5 off Toy Story 3 Game
  7. $10 off Select Bikes
  8. $5 off Lego Toy
  9. $5 off Hasbro Game
  10. $5 off Easy Bake Oven
  11. $10 off Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker
  12. $15 off PlayWonder Kitchen (or PlayWonder Dollhouse)
  13. $10 off Leapfrog Tag Reading System
  14. $10 off Disney Interactive Ride-On.

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