Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shopping Today

Well, more like shopping the past two days. I'm on vacation from work this week so I've had a good time relaxing (and studying for midterms/doing projects and presentations, YUCK) and doing some much deserved shopping. I haven't done a writeup on a shopping trip like this in awhile. It's not that I haven't been going or getting good deals, it's just with school and working when I feel like doing them I don't have the time and when I have the time I don't feel like writing it all up. You gotta love it....or so they tell me.

I did all this over the past two days (yes, I still have to go to class which is cramping my schedule, booooo) so most of the Target stuff was gotten today while everything else was gotten yesterday. Although I'm still going to just lump all the Target together, to make my life simpler.

Old Navy:
Part of me thinks this may have been mismarked, but the guy gave it to me for the price on the clearance ticket anyway without any questions.
Isn't that cute??? Original sticker price was $34.99 but the clearance tag had $9.99 on it. Seems like this early in the season it should still have been more than that, but I'm not complaining!

JC Penney:
They have some amazing final clearance markdowns, 80+% off a lot of their warmer weather items. I know it's getting cold, but I love layering, so I still wear short sleeves in the winter a lot, so buying little tops like that now doesn't bother me.The little blue plaid top was on clearance for 3.97 (orig. 26.00) and the little striped cardigan was on clearance for $1.97 (orig. $30). So, with tax, I spent $6.30 and saved $50.06 (according to my receipt). And, I can still happily wear both of them now!

The Shoe Dept:
Being that I teach (I'm only a sub, but I still teach two days a week), I can never have enough flats (am I right, fellow teachers) to run after the kids in, especially flats that are comfortable!
These were on markdown to $9.98 from $29.99. I walked around in them in the store for a little while to see if they would start hurting and they didn't. YAY!

Both trips combined was a total 71% savings. I so very badly needed a new desk chair so when I saw the one below on 75% clearance, I scooped it up (sorry for the random blurry pic of it, if you've been in Target you've probably seen those Bungee chairs and know what it's supposed to be). Like I said I just lumped it together to make my life easier.Bought:
  1. (1) Purple Bungee Desk Chair (orig. $49.98) - on clearance $12.48
  2. (1) Toilet Seat Cover (orig. $8.99) - on clearance $2.24
  3. (1) Kashi Honey Sunshine (LOVE THIS STUFF) - $3.49
  4. (1) Gilette Fusion Shave Gel - $2.79
  5. (1) Kraft Parmesan Cheese - $1.99
  6. (1) Olay Body Lotion - $5.04
  7. (1) Neutra Air Spray - $2.50
  8. (1) Glade Sense and Spray Automatic Sprayer Starter Kit - $5.04
  9. (1) Glade Sense and Spray Refill Pack - $2.89
  10. (1) Travel Size Secret Deodorant - 0.97
  11. (1) Command Strips (orig $3.69) - on clearance $2.58
  12. (2) Merona Shoe Liners - $3 each = $6
  13. (4) Halls 30count cough drops - $1.19 each = $4.76
  14. (1) Jumbo cotton balls - $1.20
  15. (1) 14 count Prevacid - $10.89
  16. (3) Glade Room Sprays - $2.50 each = $7.50
  17. (4) Glade Holiday Expressions Candles - $2.50 each = $10
Coupons used:
  1. (1) .50 off Kraft Parmesan Cheese (still available @ Target)
  2. (1) $5 off any Olay Body Lotion/wash purchase when you buy ANY Secret product (included trial sizes (so it wound up being $1.05 for Deodorant and lotion)
  3. (1) $1 off Neutra Air Room Spray Target Coupon (still available)
  4. (1) $1 off Neutra Air Room Spray Manufacturer Coupon
  5. (1) FREE Glade Refill withe Purchase of an Automatic Starter Kit (they do have $10 starters, but the $5 Sense and Spray works too) which deducted the $2.89 refill price Target Coupon (still available)
  6. (1) $3 off Glade Sense and Spray Starter Kit (making both starter and refill total price $2)
  7. (1) $1 off any Command Product
  8. (2) $2 off any Merona Hosiery or Sock item (no longer available)
  9. (4) .50 off Halls 30count cough drops Target Coupon (still available)
  10. (2) $1 off 2 packs of Halls cough drops Manufacturer coupons
  11. (1) $5 off 14 count Prevacid (still available @ Target- says $1 off but prints $5 and store accepts)
  12. (1) $4 off ANY Prevacid Manufacturer coupon
  13. (1) $3 off any 3 Glade Products (I mentioned this coupon here)
  14. (2) Buy One Glade Glass Candle, Get One Free (bought four @ 2.50 each, so deducted $5 total)
Total before Clearance prices and coupons: $127.72
Total after clearance prices and coupons: $42.91
Plus I got a $5 Target card for purcahse 5 Glade items in one transaction, which brings my total down to $37.91, or a savings of 71% when you consider the original retail value of everything.

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