Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lots of Target Clearance!!

Right now, Target has clearance throughout, pretty much, the entire store. Since I saw so much, I thought I'd highlight some of what I saw at my Target this afternoon. Remember not all Target's have the same price or same mark-downs. What might be 30% off for me could be 50% off or not marked down at all yet in other regions. You will find, what I think, the best deals are in red.

There were a bunch of different variety Chi hair products with a 50% markdown in my store. If you're a fan of salon-quality hair products, now would be a good time to stock up.

Gillette Hydration Body Wash special value packs are down about 15% at my store. There was a $1 off Gillette Body Wash coupon in last Sunday's (7/3/11) coupon insert, that would make this $2.38, or a little less than 50% off original retail value ($3.99). So not too bad. My store had tons and they will probably discount further, so it could be one to wait on. The Softsoap foaming hand soap 8.5oz are also on clearance right now. There are no coupons that I can see (feel free to let me know if I'm wrong!), but they do come out regularly, so it's something to keep an eye out on!
You'll also find Olay Quench Body Wash with bonus Olay Cleansing Body Wash special packs on markdown as well. These are currently $3.48 for me, which honestly is pretty good on it's own for Olay Body Wash.

A couple packages had a $2 off peelie on them which would make it amazing at $1.48. There was also a $1/2 Olay Body Wash coupon in last Sunday's (7/3/11) P&G insert, which would make it $5.96 for two, or $2.98 each. Really not a bad deal no matter how you spin it.
Venus Pro Skin Disposable single razors are down 15%, or to $4.24 at my store. There was a coupon in last Sunday's (7/3/11) P&G insert for $2 off any ONE Venus Razor, which includes disposable razors. Using that coupon would make this $2.24 or over half off the retail price ($4.99). Awesome deal!

It seems that all the Dove deodorant bonus packs for men and woman are being clearanced out now. The men's Dove has a bonus travel size deodorant bonus, and the women's Dove has a full size body mist as a bonus. The women's bonus seems to give you more for your money, in my opinion, but of course it depends on your usage.

For the Women: there was a $1 off Dove antiperspirant coupon in the 6/26/11 Red Plum insert that you can use for this (some regions got a 0.75 coupon), that would make this as low as $2.38

But check out this awesome deal for men!
Buy 2 Men's Dove+ Care deodorants (as seen above) = 6.76
- (1) $1/2 Men's Dove + Care deodorant Target Printable
- (2) $2 off Dove Men+ Care deodorant 2.7 or 3oz size
from 6/26/11 Red Plum insert

(these bonus packs are 2.7oz and should work fine here)
=1.76 for both, or 0.88 each!

Here a couple finds from the skin care aisle. All are were originally $5.99 and down to $5.08 each. Not fantastic yet, but your store might be different. If nothing else, it's products to keep your eye on for deeper discounts in the coming weeks.
  • The Garnier Brusher Cleanser has a $1 Manufacturer's printable that would make it $4.08.
  • The $1 off Any L'Oreal Skin Care Item found in this weekend's (7/10/11) Red Plum insert, would make the 360 cleanser $4.08.
  • In last week's P&G insert (7/3/11) there was a coupon for $3 off ONE Olay Pro-X, Regenerist or Total Effects Facial Moisturizer or Facial Cleanser that would make these wipes $2.08. You might also have gotten a regional Target mailer with a $1 off Olay Cleanser coupon in it, that will make this even better at $1.08!

All summer/Fourth of July/Gardening/Outdoor Furniture is all making it's way out. Most furniture is up to at least 50% off, summer stuff is already condensed into one aisle and up to 30% off as well.

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