Sunday, July 24, 2011

Borders Store Closing

As some/most of you probably know by now, Borders is closing all of it's stores soon. The company filed for bankruptcy some time ago and closed some of it's stores in an effort to keep the company afloat. They were also trying to find someone to buy the company, but all their efforts failed in the end. All remaining stores will be closing within the next couple of months. The store I go to said that they will probably be closed within the next 6 weeks.

Their liquidations have begun in all stores with up to 40% off all prices. If you have Borders Bucks you will only be able to redeem them through 7/31/11, after that they are no longer valid. They will still be honoring any and all gift cards throughout the duration of their liquidation.

If you are a Borders Rewards Plus Member, you will be able to receive your extra discounts through August 5th only. After that it'll just be like you're a regular rewards member, but there probably wouldn't be a point of using it anymore.

Now this 40% off does not apply to I'm not sure if they are going to maintain their website once the stores close, but it is possible. When Circuit City closed it's doors a few years ago, they still maintained a website store, so it is possible.

I've always loved Borders so this makes me a little sad. Their selection has always been different and easier to search through than some other bookstores and I was always able to find what I wanted in Borders.

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