Monday, April 4, 2011

What do YOU splurge on???

I've gotten this question several times:

"There has got to be something you splurge on, what is it?"

The truth is: There isn't much.

There are probably only two things that I splurge on (and I still try to get a good deal on them when I can) and that would be my makeup and my handbags.

I am a Bare Escentuals freak. I have really REALLY oily skin so I've found that a lot of makeup just "goes away" from my face within a couple hours because of the oil. I've even used mineral makeup from less expensive brands, and they are okay, but BE tends to stay on my face better (particularly the Matte formula) plus it covers extremely well. BE is one of those brands that rarely goes on sale and is also considered a "high-end" brand so if stores have a sale/coupon, sometimes BE is excluded from the promotion.

Me being me, though, I try to keep my BE spending under control. I pretty much only use the foundation (which doubles as a concealer), blush, and mineral veil. I also use the brushes that came with the original starter kit. Any other makeup I use, is usually ELF cosmetics or a drugstore brand that I got for a really good deal. Lipstick, eyeshadows, mascara, if I can get them for free or close to it, it kinda makes up for me spending $28 on foundation.

Then.....there is my handbag...problem. I claim this as being genetic; I have a closet full of handbags and if you ever saw my mothers closet (or her mother's closet) it would look eerily similar. I have loved handbags since I was kid and got those little plastic ones from discount stores.

As I've gotten older, and able to buy them for myself, my taste has gotten a little more..."high-end". Well, let's put it this way: a new Coach Factory store was just built about 15 minutes from my house. It just opened about two weeks ago and I have already been there twice. Coach and Dooney and Bourke are my main weaknesses, I must admit.

That being said, I'm all about getting a good deal on them. I own a few Coach bags, but can honestly say, that I have never paid full price for one. One or two I received as gifts, one I found on eBay (Yes, I did have it checked for authenticity) and I have found a couple others on sale and from Outlet Stores. Even the D&B bags, I found a great HUGE one in TJ Maxx for a fraction of it's original price, one on eBay and one was a gift.

Yes, I am one of those people that will say, some of these bags are a bit overpriced, which is why I always try to get a deal on them (that and because no matter what I do, I have yet to justify spending $300 on a bag). But they are great quality bags, I have two of them that I'll use a "book bag" for when I go to class and they withstand all the heaviness I put in them.

Anything else? I really have no problems spending a few dollars for a piece of clothing or cheap haircare or personal care items. I love when I can get a cute pair of shoes really inexpensively. It's more fun, for me, to shop when I know I've gotten a really great deal on something.

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suburban prep said...

I have a hard time spending money too.
I love to knit and the yarn at most knitting stores is not cheap but I usually will wait until there is a sale.
When I purchase things (other than the weekly groceries) I usually have to have a coupon or some other sort of discount or sale that goes along with the purchase.