Monday, August 23, 2010

Widespread Target Clearance

If you haven't been to your local Target lately, it probably wouldn't hurt to stop in. It seems most Targets are getting ready to/have begun/or will be beginning remodels to expand their food sections to include some fresh produce, baked goods, and an expanded refrigerator and freezer sections.

Because of the remodels, Target's clearance selections are more abundant than usual (probably so they don't have to move it all around the store) and you might be able to score yourself an awesome deal or two.

Everything you see in the picture was on clearance and after coupons it came to about $6.00 for eyeshadow, room freshener, a pair of flip-flops and an area rug. Regularly priced, all of that would have been close to $50, so I'd say a pretty good deal indeed.

They had tons more stuff, but I held some self-control and didn't scoop up everything I saw. So stop by your Target and see if there is a "Fresh Groceries coming soon" sign because if there is, more than likely, you'll find some good clearance deals inside!!

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