Monday, August 30, 2010

Awesome Ponds deal at Target

Right now Target has a printable up for $1.50 off any Ponds Cleansing Cloth item, which is awesome just by itself.

But when I went to Target today I noticed that some of the 30-count cleansing cloths had $1.50 off peelies that you can combine with the Target coupons for $3 off each package. In my area they sell for $4.69, take $3 off with coupons and thats $1.69 for 30-count cloths. I got all four of those for about $6.75-ish, or I got four for the price of one and a half packages! :)

Head on over to Target to see if you can find these in the beauty section of the store. I did also see some of these packs with the peelie coupon attached in the back section where they keep all the seasonal items, value item (like the double boxes of cereal or the 2-packs of listerine), things like that. So keep your eye out and look around when you go to Target again!

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