Monday, June 21, 2010

Awesome Bath and Body Works trip

So I take no credit for this one, since well....I didn't do it.

This is my friend Crystal's haul from Bath and Body Works last week. She's got lotions, cooling mists, antibacterial soaps, pocketbacs, etc. She managed to snag all of this at the huge sale/clearance blowout they were having (where you could get many items for 75% off). There are 22 items in that picture (some hidden behind other things) all of it was $31!! That's about 1.35 an item!

I call Crystal the Queen of Bath and Body Works. I don't even think this is something I could pull off.

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The Professional Family Manager said...

Goodness--I wish I could pull off something like this! I don't go out enough to catch those great sales though...perhaps I should reconsider?