Monday, July 9, 2012

Staples Back to School Deals

Here are the back-to-school deals for Staples this week. 

If you're planning on doing the bulk of your school shopping at Staples, you might want to check with your cashier or someone at customer service about their Back-to-School Savings Pass.  It costs $10 up front (which is why I'd only recommend it if you're doing all your shopping here) but you'll save 15% off all your purchases through 9/15/12.  There are a few restrictions on what the pass can be used on, but it can be used on school supplies, backpacks and more. 

Also Staples has a new program to recycle old binders.  Bring in your old binder and you'll get a $2 off coupon for the purchase of a new binder.  The binder must be empty of its contents.  You must use the coupon the same day it is issued.  

FREE(after Easy Rebate):
* Scotch super glue gel, 4/pack

0.01 Extreme Deals (all are limit 2, unless otherwise stated):
***$5 Minimum purchase required, items at regular price if $5 minimum isn't reached
* BIC Round Stic ballpoint pens, black, 5/pack
* RoseArt Crayons 24/pack
* Staples School glue 4oz

0.25 Deals
* Paper Mate Sharpwriter 0.7mm mechanical pencils 5/pack
* Really Useful 0.14 L box, assorted colors
* Staples 8.5 x 11" multipurpose paper, 500 sheets (after Easy Rebate)

0.50 Deals:
* BIC Great Erase dry-erase markers, fine tip, assorted colors, 4/pack
* HP Everyday 8.5" x 11" photo paper, 50/pack (after Easy Rebate)
* Slider Pencil Case, assorted colors
* Staples 3.25" x 4.25" side-coil memo book, 140 sheets
* Staples pink block erasers 3/pack

$1 Deals:
* RoseArt classic washable markers
* Scotch gem magic tape
* Sharpie permanent markers, fine tip, black, 5/pack
* Staples 3-hole binder punch, assorted colors
* Staples glue sticks, .26oz, 4/pack
* Staples mini stalper, assorted colors
* Staples poly-cover composition book or 1-subject 8" x 10.5" notebook, 70 sheets, assorted colors
* Staples Postscript mechanical pencils, 12/pack
* Westcott 5" scissors 2/pack
* Westcott Preferred 7" scissors
* Writing pad, 5"x8"

$2 Deals:
* Crayola washable markers, crayons and watercolors, assorted varities
* Locker Planet locker accessories, assorted
* Quartet Re-Writables dry-erase markers, minis, 6/pack
* Scotch shopping tape with dispense, 2"x"800"
* Staples fashion clipboard, assorted patterns
* Staples Hype! highlighters, 6/pack
* Staples Strata pens, 5/pack
* Sustainable Earth 1-subject notebook or composition book, 100 sheets, assorted patterns
* Zebra Sarasa retractable gel pens, medum, 5/pack

$3 Deals: 
* Kleenex standard facial tissue, 2/pack
* Post-It 2" x 2" mini cube, 400 sheets, 2/pack

$5 Deals:
* Staples #2 pencils, 72/pack
* Staples letter/legal-size SureFIT blue storage boxes, 4/pack

*Kingston 8GB USB Flash Drive: 7.99 (save $17)

*50% off all High Sierra backpacks

You might also be able to find a $5 off $30 coupon if you grab one of the store circulars.  They are usually near the doorway, if you don't see any ask customer service. 

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