Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Sonic Coupons!

I've said for many years that they needed a Sonic in Baltimore because oddly enough, there were none. So in August of this past year, Baltimore finally got it's first Sonic!

The sad part? It's right around the corner from my house (well that's not sad, in fact that's pretty awesome) and I have yet to go to it. Soon after it was opened you could wait in line for about two hours before being served, so that was my reason to not go. Now? I....don't really have a reason, other than I just don't have time (lol).

My point of this, is to tell you that Sonic has some great new coupons on their site (and so you can chuckle at me for a minute) for:
  1. 2 corn dogs - .99
  2. BOGO Sonic Burgers
  3. Brown Bag Dinner for Two Special - 5.99
  4. Chicken Strip Dinner with Drink - 3.99
Since Sonic's are franchised, not all locations may accept these, so make sure you check before ordering.

Valid through 2/28.

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