Monday, July 19, 2010

7/19/10 Shopping part 1

So, I have three addictions: 1. Purses, 2. Clearance Shopping, 3. Office Supplies (yes I can spend hours in Staples/Office Depot looking at everything - don't judge me! I actually have a friend that loves office supply shopping as much as I do, lol). When you think of some of the worse addictions, mine are pretty tame, wouldn't you say?

Today I got to indulge two of those addictions (my purse habit is sadly a bit more expensive) as a treat to myself for getting through summer session at school. I'm going to do a two-parter because my Target trip was a bit extensive than what I normally do.

Old Navy: I just sort of wound up there? I really had no reason for going to Old Navy, but alas, a couple of good finds were.....well...found.
Both of these were on clearance. The flip-flops were 1.47 and had there been more color choices I definitely would have stocked up, but all they had were pink, a weird green, and silver (none in my size). That little tote was on clearance for 2.97 from $10. It's not a huge tote, but it will be GREAT for me to take my lunch to work in. So it was like buying the flip-flops at normal retail price and getting the tote for FREE!

While no I don't do the traditional "Back to School" thing, I am a Graduate Student so now is a great time for me to stock up on supplies that I will need for the fall and spring semesters.

You can find their weekly sale ad here.
Thanks to their .25 and under Back to School sale, that whole picture came to $1.06 (with MD's 6% tax, that is). The pencils retail normally for 3.49 a pack and the index cards retail for 0.99 a pack. That's a savings of $7.96 from the regular retail price.

Walgreens: More Office Supplies!!!! The IVC is the Instant Value Coupon Books that you can find with the Walgreen's Circulars at the front of the store

  • 2-pack Fine-tip Sharpie; on sale for 1.49 & used $1 off coupon from IVC = .49
  • 5-pack Bic Highlighters; on sale for .49
  • 1 Liquid Paper; used in-circular coupon making it .59
  • 2-pack Pilot G2 Pens; on sale for 1.19 & used $1 off coupon from IVC = .19
  • 6-pack Expo Washable Dry Erase Markers; 5.99 - used $3 off coupon from IVC, as well as $1 Manufacturer coupon = 1.99
Total before sales and coupons: $23.25
Total after sales and coupons: 3.75
Total Savings: 19.50 (all according to my Walgreens receipt)

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