Saturday, March 13, 2010

I was good today!!

So my mother wanted to go up to Towson Town Mall today to check out something at Nordstrom, and then to Kohls in Timonium to return something. Fine with me, the mall has a parking garage, and considering the monsoon weather we are currently experiencing, this is a plus. Given that my school (Loyola University MD, wewt!....anyway....) is in this part of town I also can probably drive there with my eyes closed....not that I would, or anything.....

So I stayed in the car at Kohls, since it was downpouring and I didn't want to get out. Plus she was only returning, so it took all of 5 minutes.

Then we got to the mall....and of course we go into Macy's at some point in the visit. I did get one thing, BUT I WAS STILL GOOD!! How could I pass this one up.

These see here....They are Aerosoles, so not only are the cute, but omgah so comfortable. Original price was $99, they had a sale price on the sticker of $45.99, but they were also on the 70% off I take them to one of the little in-store scanners, and they scan $22. Then I remember I have a $20 Macy's gift card from Valued Opinions (I cashed out my earnings to a Macy's gc a couple weeks ago). Given this happy thought, I snatch them and leave happily after only spending $3.34 out of pocket (tax included) on a $100 pair of shoes.

The end.

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Kellie said...

Um.. I wish I could figure out how to spend so little on something worth so much! Haha :-)