Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Being stuck in the house during the second blizzard in a week can make a person crazy - like me. Only plus side is I'm getting in on a lot of freebies that I might have missed if I was, ya know, working..grrr (sorry, only slightly bitter about all the snow).

Sweet Libertine Mineral Cosmetics Free Sample Program
Provide your email and address, they will send you a sample of two mineral eyeshadows (random colors). Due to popular demand it will take 6-12 weeks for delivery. Mineral make-up is all I wear, so this could be nice to try something new.

Youth Eye Complex by iS Clinical
Limited quantities available. 6-8 weeks for delivery

Full Size Aveeno Sample!
This is a full size of Aveeno's new Stress Relief Lotion. There were some issues with the link working. Once you hit submit, you may need to hit refresh a few times for it to go through and be fully submitted.

Support the ASPCA Wristband

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