Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Extra 15% off at Banana Republic Factory Stores

If you have a Banana Republic Factory Store near you (I do!), you might like this.  Most of their store is currently being clearance for new merchandise so they have prices up to 70% off the factory store price!  You can get amazing bargains, if you are someone who shops at BR, or wants to give some of their clothing a try.  Also, print this coupon and you can get an additional 15% off your purchase of $100 or more.  Sounds like a lot you have to spend, and it is, but at the Factory stores you will get a ton of stuff for that $100 as compared to the regular retail store. 

Note: This is ONLY for the factory stores.  You cannot use this in the regular retail stores or online.  Check and see if there is a store near you!  Only valid through 5/30/12. 

Also, if you don't have a factory store near you, you can still get an additional 30% off your Banana Republic purchase if you shop online by using promo code BREXCUSE at checkout through 5/22/12. 

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